Annual Meeting

Date: Date:June 29- August 31, 2024 (On-demand streaming) , June 29-30, 2024 (Onsite)
Theme: Social Innovation in Community Health Nursing; The Challenge of Nursing to Enhance Social Inclusion
Chair: Junko Omori(Professor of Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine)


  • Community health nursing science is an academic field that explores the contribution to the improvement of quality of life and to the construction of safe and healthy communities to support it.
  • Community health nursing practice aims to ensure the continuity of people’s lives and contribute to the improvement of quality of life through supporting the health and safety of people.
  • Community health nursing is a practical science that grasps the life of people at various health levels living in various places continuously and comprehensively and explores effective nursing care while collaborating with people and the community.

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President's Message
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